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AngelBeauty B-End Management

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개발자: 康俪颜国际贸易有限公司
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   AngelBeauty-back end management is a software for businesses use. AngelBeauty-back end management including mall and business management.
A. Mall
   provide a more convenient and cheap purchase channel for clients
   1. Anytime, anywhere selection of goods, get rid of time limit;
   2. Get a lot of goods information, even the goods not offer in local;
   3. From place order, payment to delivery, all of these dont need you go to physical store, save time and more convenient;
   4. Mall products have been sold at special price, you can buy many cheap products;
   5. Mall support trade-in, low-cost and old goods can exchange for new products;
B, Appointment
   The main function is to accept and deal with customers orders, refunds, settlement, manage store information, adjust the shop information and services at any time, so that you can manage the shop easier.
   2. Order management: accept and cancel order anytime, anywhere.
   2. Account management: order information simple and clear, daily settlement of account, get your profit on appoint time.
   3. Store management: set shop information, create new service and add technician at any time.
   4. Operation management: simple interface, clear classification, easy to operate.